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Add video

When pictures just aren't enough, choose video. By utilising the youtube video sharing network we can offer the ability for you to display fantastic video clips directly on your website. Simply upload your chosen video to youtube and then copy and paste the link into the video field. A great feature and excellent selling tool.If you want to add you tube videos to your website you can, simply add video to your website using vehicle stock management. To put video on your website or add video to your website is really easy and can be acheived in a few simple steps.

First you must upload your chosen video to one of the largest video hosting websites, you tube.

Once you have done this you will be offered a choice of embed video html which will be an embed youtube video or videos for your website.

Ignore this as you don't need any special computer skills for hosting video on your website or "know how" to embed video.

We have taken care of the programming for you so all you will need to know how to put video on your website is simple "copy and paste"

That's right,  to put videos on your website needn't be a pain staking exercise. When adding a new vehicle you will notice some text and a box underneath the "summary" field like this:

You Tube Video HTML

If you have a video of the vehicle uploaded to You Tube copy the video URL here.


Add video to your site by going to you tube and finding your chosen video, right click your mouse on the adress bar at the top and select "copy".

Next "right" click your mouse in the entry field.

Click update vehicle.

That's it. All done.