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When buying a new or used vehicle there a few things you should consider:

If the car, van or bike you're buying is from a private seller, make sure you get proof that they are the legal owner and have the right to sell it to you.

Make sure you're not being "ripped off" - check other makes and models of a similar age, specification and mileage, then compare prices to see what people are asking for those.

Before you hand over any money, it may be wise to perform a vehicle check against the registration number. This may sound like it's an expensive exercise but you can now check a vehicles history in seconds and it will reveal any nasty secrets that the owner isn't telling you - all for under £5. Any vehicle that has been subject to an insurance loss, been previously stolen but then later recovered, or has outstanding finance owed can be discoveerd in moments.

Get your new vehicle insured before you drive it home. You might not think it matters but more often than not your insurance company will refuse to pay out for any claims if you are driving when you are not covered, even if it's just by a few hours. More importantly the local authorities might not look on you too kindly if you are caught driving without valid insurance.

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